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We, Mieke and Gerard, started in 2014 with the "Cuba Adelante" Foundation.        Our goal is to help Cubans for a slightly better life and well-being. We are currently icontact with 5 orphanages in the city of Holguin. We are also getting more and more contact with various government institutions such as hospitals and schools. At home we are increasingly approached by people and authorities for advice, help or cooperation.

Supervisor/coordinator in Cuba are Carlos and Yeni, they are a part of the foundation, they do a great job in Cuba. They put their heart and soul into making sure it is successful. They also have a CASA PARTICULAR where it is wonderful to stay. They also want to tour the region with you as a guide. (page "UW OVERNACHTINGEN")

In Banes we have our contactperson Rodolfo, he arranges there the contacts and necessarities with the old people's home. We have known Rodolfo since 2012 and has assisted our activities in Banes several times. He is a serious and reliable person who is very happy to lend a helping hand to his own people. We would also like to welcome Rodolfo  as a member of the "Cuba Adelante" Foundation.

We are increasingly enjoying having Cuba as our goal: the beautiful landscape, the beautiful nature but  especially the wonderful people.


For a stay in Holguin


we can recommend the following location.

If you want to see Cuba with your own eyes, don't let wild stories stop you. It is a hospitable country with friendly people. Always helpful and they are happy to invite you to their home if you are open to it.

Casa "El Bohio"

Owner Carlos and his wife Yeni have a nice casa suitable for two people, for larger groups there are several casa's in the area. It is 1 km. from Parque Calixto Garcia, downtown. The casa is located on an unpaved but well-maintained road in a quiet location. They are friendly people who are always helpful and happy to answer your questions. They speak good English and have been friends with people of various nationalities for years. The casa is equipped with air conditioning and a neat bathroom. Breakfast is served outside in their patio in good weather (so almost always).

Carlos is also happy to assist you as a guide, he knows the region far and wide and will be happy to show you the most beautiful and interesting places. He is also happy to accompany you for a (multi-day) trip to Santiago de Cuba, Gibara or Mayarí. In this way you get a very good impression of life in Cuba, not only the organized excursions, hotel and beach.

For more information, please contact us or contact Carlos and Yeni directly. Address: Calle 3ra # 24 Entre 2a y 4ta, reparto Jose Diaz in Holguin.                  Their phone: 0053 54330068 and their email: Jochilam@nauta.cu



See for pictures the site: "UW OVERNACHTINGEN" 


 On the way to Cuba

Friday December 4, we finally received a message from Cuba that we had official permission to send our first container of relief supplies.
After 9 months of efforts, this was quite a relief. Partly thanks to the help of Rodney Bustamante Salazar from the Dutch embassy in Havana, we are now ready to have this permission. From 6 June 2020, the container will already be on the Rhenus site on the 2e Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. They take care of the storage and loading of the container on the ship for us, completely free of charge. Ron Janssen made sure that everything went perfectly.
NIRINT Shipping from Barendrecht provides us, also completely free of charge, with the necessary documents and transport to Moa, a port city in Cuba. Their container ship, the Gotland, departed on Tuesday January 5 and will arrive in Moa on February 2. Unfortunately we were unable to be there when the ship departed, but Shelley, who works at Nirint Shipping, ensured that we were nevertheless sent some videos and photos. Shelley has done an awful lot to prepare the necessary documents for sending the container. We thank her very much for her hard work.
Partly thanks to Shelley, Ron and Rodney, we had good support. When the ship arrives in Cuba it will first be checked by customs.                                                    Carlos, our supervisor / coordinator in Cuba, will be with someone from the government when the container is opened.
The first goods to be unloaded are for a school (Amistad Cuba-Holanda) in Moa, donated by NIRINT Shipping. They have had good contacts with that school for years. The other goods continue to Holguin and are distributed among the orphanages, a hospital, a school, a laboratory, an institute for the physically handicapped and a home for the elderly. Also for I.C.A.P. in Holguin we have goods, they accompany us when we visit Cuba.
Carlos will help ensure that everything is properly distributed, he is aware of who gets what. We have determined in advance in consultation with Carlos to which body the goods will be donated (this is also a requirement of the Cuban government)
We hope to be able to travel to Cuba again this fall and to see that the goods, which have been donated by many people from Nederweert-Eind and the surrounding area, but also from all over the country,  have ended up in the right place. We would therefore like to thank everyone, on behalf of the Cuban people, for the donations and contributions in whatever form. Hopefully this year we can ship another 40 foot container full of goods to Cuba and make many people happy there again.


 Situation worsened by Corona

 In recent years, things have deteriorated in Cuba due to the blockade, which is increasingly tightened so that goods, but also food, are difficult to obtain. Lately we have seen queues outside the shops here in the Netherlands due to the Corona crisis, this was only to prevent infections, in Cuba we see this daily because there is little food, and there is then supply people sometimes queue for several hours to get a chicken or buy 2 bottles of oil. Now in this Corona time the situation is even more dire and food is alarmingly expensive.

 Finally got the permission to ship the container to Moa.

Wednesday, December 2, we received the document by email with the permission to send the container. Nirint will now prepare the papers and determine the date.

 Further photos and information will follow as soon as possible. First container loaded for Cuba. See the info page


We recently started fundraising for the school, called                      Amistad Cuba - Holanda, in Moa, a port city in Holguin province.    We help set up a computer room for the students there. We have started obtaining an air conditioner for this computer room. This was not easy because in Cuba requirements are set for such a device. The coolant is especially important. They still work there with the agent R410A, which is hardly used / sold here anymore. Airflow from Budel had another similar air conditioner in their warehouse. During a conversation with director Paul van de Ven about the need for an air conditioning, he spontaneously wanted to donate this air conditioning. Paul has ensured that all the necessities for connecting and hanging were included. We, and certainly the school, are therefore very grateful to Paul for this noble gesture.

Flat screens donated by "Replay Profs in Playgrounds bv"


Edward van den Borne, owner of "Replay Profs in Playgrounds bv"

from Beringe, donated 5 flat screens again. We want to give these screens to a school in Holguin. We are very happy to be able to help the school move forward again. Thanks Edward !!

Do you still have well-functioning computer equipment, laptops or tablets, and you no longer use them, we still have a good destination for them.

First donations for the Cuba Adelante Foundation are coming in again.

  Since we loaded our first container on the Maasvlakte at the beginning of June, donations have started pouring in again. Karin Linders- Janssen from Janssen Diervoeders from Nederweert has again given various tools for the Le Thi Rieng school on Holguin as well as various other goods. We are very happy to redistribute these goods in Cuba for those who need it so much. We have also received goods from other private persons which can go with the next container. The intention is that we will place a container nearby so that we no longer need storage at home. Thanks to everyone for the donations.

First container loaded for Cuba

Last Friday, June 5, it was time to start loading the truck with donations for Cuba.

This truck with trailer was made available by A. Kanters International Transport from Someren. Their driver Ruud Janssen was willing to take the transport to Rotterdam and offer help with loading and unloading. Our children Bart and Ellen were also willing to facilitate loading and unloading.

We had already taken the tables and chairs out of storage in the afternoon and prepared them so that loading the trailer would go faster.

At home we had already placed as many as possible on pallets and sealed so that loading would also go smoothly here. It contains various goods: from tools to medical goods, wheelchairs and rollators to wheelbarrows and clothing. All these goods are destined for a hospital, a school, a laboratory, a physically handicapped center and orphanages in Holguin and for a retirement home in Banes. We also have many tables and chairs for a school in Moa. After two and a half hours of lugging, we had the trailer full and was ready to transport it all to Rotterdam on Saturday.

NIRINT Shipping, a shipping company from Barendrecht, has provided us with a 40-foot container free of charge (they want to do this several times a year) as well as transport to Cuba. The container will be temporarily stored in the warehouse of Rhenus Logistics on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, which will bear these costs. The container will have to be opened again because NIRINT Shipping also wants to provide some goods for the school in Moa.

For us all this was a new challenge that we were initially very afraid of, but with a lot of good guidance from Rodney Bustamante Salazar from the Dutch embassy in Cuba, Marco den Breejen and Shelley Bek from NIRINT Shipping, we managed to ship our first container to Cuba. We are still waiting for the official permission from Cuba but the recipients already know that it is coming.

In recent years, things are getting worse in Cuba due to the blockade that is being tightened more and more so that goods, as well as food, are difficult to obtain. Lately we sometimes saw rows in front of the shops here in the Netherlands because of the Corona crisis, this was only to prevent infections, in Cuba we see this every day because there is little food, and then there is supply people sometimes queue for several hours to get a chicken or buy 2 bottles of oil.

We hope that next year (or perhaps earlier) we can send a container of goods again. We have already received the first donations of goods.

We sincerely thank everyone who has recently supported us anyway with help, storage, goods or financial resources. Without them we cannot achieve the necessary aid to Cuba.

If you want to see Cuba with your own eyes, don't let wild stories stop you. It is a hospitable country with friendly people. Always helpful and they are happy to invite you to their home if you are open to it.

For a nice stay you can go to Carlos and Yeni, he supervises our projects in Holguin, he has a nice Casa Particular and for a Cuban price he also wants to be your guide during your stay. They both speak English so the language shouldn't be a problem. Please contact us for this.
See the pictures on the homepage

The bathrooms of the poor families are ready. As supervisor, Carlos has realized all this in a short time together with the bricklayer and residents. They are very happy with this result. Thank you very much to those who paid for this !!

The bathroom of Tata

 Start of the bathroom

The roof




The bathroom of Gero

demolish the old bathroom

foundation has been poured


occupying the walls


Blood pressure meters donated by the Laurentius Hospital

  in Roermond.

             North Limburg holiday fair in Belgium 19-01-2020 is well visited!


A good number of people were interested in Cuba. We think it is a well-organized exhibition and the volunteers from Pasar who organize it are friendly and pleasant. Our compliments! We are happy to be there again next year!

We are now recognized as an official foundation in Cuba.

Travel report 2017   


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Photo's in 2019 in Cuba 1  and  2019 in Cuba 2

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